eMTB Workshop

eMTB testride and workshop for beginners

This workshop teaches basics in the area of riding technique for ambitious beginner.

  • How do I set up my cockpit correctly?
  • What is the right mode and when?
  • How do I choose the right gear in which situation?
  • In technical uphills you often ride slowly. How do I balance correctly?
  • How do I brake correctly? Braking uphill also needs to be learned!
  • The eMTB makes you curious about steep climbs. How do I bring the new power to the ground? How do I start again correctly in steep terrain? What is the correct saddle position in the process?
  • How do I use a push aid?

Exactly these questions will be discussed in more detail in this workshop. Stefan will also answer your individual questions. A small tour with the learned skills follow at the end of the workshop.

eMTB test ride and workshop for advanced riders

If you are a mountain biker who is interested in S2 levels of difficulty, this workshop is for you.

  • How does perfect pedal management work?
  • How do I correctly ride over an obstacle?
  • How do curves and hairpin turns work uphill? What is a backswitch and a frontswitch?
  • How does a boost drop work?

These questions will be examined in the workshop for advanced riders. And here too, Stefan will be happy to answer all your questions. At the end of the workshop we will do a round on the Leogang trails together.

Coach Stefan Schlie was one of the most successful bike trialers on national and international level for many years, multiple German champion, vice world champion and team world champion.

Since 2013, his great passion is the eMountainbike. "Uphill Flow" is the synonym for this new sporting discipline. The term was created and sharpened by him together with the CEO of Bosch Claus Fleischer. Since then, he has also been a riding technique expert in EMTB Magazine. Under the name Uphill Flow is also a driving technique book created together with Markus Greber. Here are the most elementary special new Uphill tips and tricks for the eMTB summarized. Stefan also imparts this knowledge at the Bike Festival in Leogang.


eMTB Testride & Workshop for beginners:

Friday, 15.9.2023 I 12:00 pm: Register here

Saturday, 16.9.2023 I 10:00 am: Register here

Sunday, 17.9.2023 I 10:00 am: FULLY BOOKED

eMTB Testride and Workshop for advanced Riders:

Friday, 15.9.2023 I 3:30 pm: Register here

Saturday, 16.9.2023 I 02:00 pm: FULLY BOOKED

Sunday, 17.9.2023 I 01:00 pm: FULLY BOOKED

Registration is open now.

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