SCOTT Junior Trophy Pumptrack

Participation conditions

1. General

The participants of the SCOTT Junior Trophy Pumptrack are eligible to participate only with a written consent of at least one legal guardian. In case of registering on-site, this must be documented with a signature of one legal guardian on the registration form. If the registration is done online, the consent of the legal guardian has to be given by signature on the declaration of liability.

2. Health

Parents are obliged to make sure that their children meet the fitness requirements of the SCOTT Junior Trophy Pumptrack. If necessary, they have to consult a physician in order to check that.

3. Material

All kinds of bikes are allowed to participate in the pumptrack.

The following equipment is strictly not allowed:

  • Bottle cages behind or under the saddle
  • Drinking bottles made from non-deformable materials such as glass, aluminum etc.   

All participants are obliged to make sure their bicycles are operating properly, especially with regard to brakes and other parts relevant to safety.  In case of technical shortcomings, a participant may be disqualified from the start at the pumptrack.

The rules


The start of the SCOTT Junior Trophy Pumptack is close to the festival site (at the Asitz Bergbahn). The pumptrack will be signposted during the festival.  

2. Race Procedure

The participants start in the respective categories, but individually on the pump track, beginning with the kids of the U 7. Each kid is called by name by the speaker. All participants ride two rounds on the pumptrack and the faster one will be included in the evaluation. The rounds will not be run one after the other, when all participants of the category have completed the first round, the second round will start. All participants can start an open training on the pump track from 9:30 am until the start of the first race.

Afterwards the following starters and categories will be announced. Therefore, the announcements of the speaker must be considered carefully! The next age group will be called out and all participants must arrive in time in the starting area. All riders should always remain within reach of the speaker in order to be able to hear his announcements.


The SCOTT Junior Trophy Pumptrack takes place on Sunday, the 12th of September 2021. The first start is at 10:00 am (U 7), all other races will follow with short breaks in between. Whoever is too late for the start or wears no helmet will not be allowed to start.


The separate race classes each contest a round race on the pumptrack. Each participant completes two rounds in total. The following categories will be ranked:

U 7 (years 2015 – 2016)
U 9 (years 2013 – 2014)
U 11 (years 2011 – 2012)
U 13 (years 2009 – 2010)
U 15 (years 2007 – 2008)
U 17 (years 2005 – 2006)


The award ceremony takes place on the BIKE stage on Sunday, the 12th of September 2021 after the last race of the SCOTT Junior Trophy Pumptrack. We kindly ask all the first to third place winners of the individual categories to be present. In case of not appearing and not having informed us about this absence beforehand, we will raffle the prizes.


For the first three places of each category there will be trophies and great material prizes by SCOTT. Each participant will receive a finisher medal at the finishing line. After the award ceremony there will be a raffle of additional material prizes among all the participants. It's worth staying! 

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