Marathon Series

Rocky Mountain BIKE Marathon Series

The Rocky Mountain Marathon Series combines the following three marathon to a series with an own scoring system:

29th of April 2018           
Rocky Mountain BIKE Marathon / BIKE Festival Garda Trentino

19th of May 2018             
Rocky Mountain BIKE Marathon / BIKE Festival Willingen

2nd of September 2018         
Rocky Mountain BIKE Marathon / BIKE Festival Saalfelden Leogang

For being scored at the new Rocky Mountain Marathon Series, you have to participate at all three marathons.


The valuation is carried out by awarding points throughout the formula:

“minimum finish time of the day in seconds x maximum amount of points : own time to finish the race in seconds”

Maximum amount of points based on the chosen course:

  • Long distance (Riva: Ronda Extrema)                     1000 points
  • Mid distance (Riva: Ronda Grande)                           800 points
  • Short distance (Riva Ronda Piccola)                         600 points

Example long distance

Best finish time (long distance, your age category):

4:50:25 = 17425 seconds

Personal time to finish the race:

5:25:15 = 19515 seconds


17425 x 1000 : 19515 = 893 points

Therefore, each participant can choose freely for each marathon in which distance he wants to participate. The longer the course, the more points you can get.

At the finals in Saalfelden Leogang the points get added to a total to show the overall points.

Each finisher gets a special Rocky Mountain BIKE Marathon finisher medal when crossing the finish line in Saalfelden Leogang.


  • Price until 31st of January 2018           129,00 EURO
  • Price until 26th of April 2018                 139,00 EURO



  • Men                                                     age group 1999 – 1979
  • Men Masters                                      age group 1978 – 1969
  • Men Grand Masters                           age group 1968 and beyond
  • Women                                                age group 1999 – 1979
  • Women Masters                                 age group 1978 and beyond
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